Designer floor-standing fan coil units Silent series

This is the perfect model that combines elegance, clean shapes and thinness so it makes perfectly integrable in blind spots as well in a renovation projects
Designer floor-standing fan coil units Silent series

Cooling, heating dehumidification and cleaning with one unit only. An ultra-slim fan coil with BLDC motor technology, it modulates the fan speed according to the user's needs. This type of fan provides low noise with high airflow compared to a conventional fan motor. 
The ultra-slim design with BLDC motor makes it the best choice for use in bedrooms. Thanks to the BLDC technology, the fan speed is infinitely adjustable to meet the needs of the user.

0.99 ... 6.3 kW
Heating capacity:
0.75 ... 3.1 kW
Cooling capacity:

Touch control

This model is designed for low temperature heating. 

Filters are easily removed from the housing, which makes them easy to clean during maintenance. 


Compact dimensions allow you to place the fan coil in any place without compromising the space of the room.


The fan coil unit can be controlled using a buil-in touch-control panel with LED-display or via Wi-Fi.

Key advantages:

Download the free app for control*

Key advantages:
  • Ultra-slim body (only 134mm deep)
  • Artwork design 
  • Low noise level
  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Touch-control panel with a LED display
  • Integrated 3-way valve
  • BLDC motor


Specifications Units MCFS-075T2
Total cooling capacity1 kW 0,75 1,5 2,2 3,1
Heating capacity2 kW 0,99 2 2,8 4,2
Heating capacity3 kW 1,55 3,1 4,6 6,3
Connection diameter inch G1/2 G1/2 G1/2 G1/2
Maximum air flow rate


160 320 460 580
Minimum air flow rate


50 150 200 300
Maximum operating current A 0,12 0,16 0,21 0,24
Power input W 14 23 37 33
Maximum noise level4 dB(A) 39 40 42 42,1
Minimum noise level4 dB(A) 19,8 18,3 19,1 21
Net weight kg 16 22 28 34


The specifications refer to the following conditions:
1 – Cooling: inlet/outlet water temperature +7/+12 °C; indoor temperature +27/+19 °C
2 – Heating: inlet water temperature +50 °С, with water flow rate corresponding to the cooling mode; indoor temperature +20 °C
3 – Heating: inlet/outlet water temperature +70/60 °C; indoor temperature +20 °C
4 – Noise level means sound pressure level as per EN 12102:2008 and ISO 3745:2012

Model Units L

MCFS - 075T2


694 588 134

MCFS - 150T2

mm 894 588 134
MCFS - 220T2 mm 1094 588 134
MCFS - 300T2 mm 1294 588 134


* Available as an option




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