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Briefly about us

Mycond follows the ideas of innovation and takes pride in its approach to developing end-to-end solutions that help the customers in their quest for energy efficient and sustainable spaces.


Heat pumps, chillers, dehumidifiers, fan coil units, and climate control systems by Mycond are high-quality and affordable equipment that will fit almost any private house, apartment or cottage, as well as commercial premises.


While developing and producing climate control equipment at the world’s leading factories, the brand has collected the best developments and combined them into one hi-tech project for your comfort.

Briefly about us

Office in Ukraine



28A (B) Stepan Bandera

Avenue, Kyiv


+38 044 344 71 35


Representations in the regions


Kharkiv: +38 (057) 784 00 59

Dnipro: +38 (056) 766 07 59

Odesa: +38 (048) 710 03 15

Lviv: +38 (032) 232 00 59




42-44 Bishopsgate

London, W1T 1DG, England, EC2N 4AH

United Kingdom (Great Britain)


+44 745 814 8214