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Mobile, powerful, energy-efficient: this is all about the innovative air dehumidifiers of WORKER series developed by MYCOND experts. These compact, portable air dehumidifiers remove the excess humidity from areas up to 250 m2, while offering low power consumption. These dehumidifiers can be used in construction, e.g. for plaster, filling or screed drying, as well as for drying of wooden or gypsum products, or humidity maintenance at warehouses and production sites
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Dehumidifiers of WORKER series operate in a wide temperature range from +5 to +38 °C with a capacity of up to 70 litres of moisture per day, while their maximum power consumption is as low as 923 W. Thanks to the high capacity, they are widely used not only in construction or industry, but also to mitigate the consequences of flooding.

50 ... 70 l/day
Dehumidification capacity:





WORKER series provide increased air flow rate up to 500 m3/h for spacious rooms. Thanks to large wheels and special handles, the user can easily move the dehumidifier to any room in the building, while the steel body protects the dehumidifier against construction accidents. Dehumidifiers of this series feature an internal 5.5 L condensate tank. Once the tank is full, the unit stops and sends a notification. For continuous water drainage, you can simply insert a drain hose (supplied) into a special opening.

Key advantages:
Key advantages:
  • High dehumidification capacity up to 70 L/day
  • Air exchange rate up to 500 m3/h
  • Large-capacity 5.5 L condensate tank
  • Heat exchanger freeze protection
  • Wide controlled humidity range: 20 to 90% RH
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant (R290)
  • Robust metal body
  • Convenient handles and casters for easy transportation 
  • Dehumidification modes: automatic, continuous dehumidification 
  • Humidity level setting: in the range of 20-90%
  • On/off timer
  • Indoor temperature and humidity display 
  • Tank full indicator
  • Defrosting status indicator
  • Continuous dehumidification indicator
  • Timer operation indicator
  • Drainage connection for optional continuous condensate drainage

Specifications Units WORKER 50 WORKER 70
Dehumidification capacity (30°C, RH 80%) l/day



Recommended room area (height = 2.6 m) m2 from 12 to 150 from 13 to 250
Air circulation rate m3/h 450 500
Power supply   220-240 V / 50 Hz 220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption








Operating temperature °C 5…38 5…38

Noise level

Tank volume










Refrigerant charge g 230 280
Wi-Fi   No No
Carbon filter   No No
Air purification by ionization   No No
Unit dimensions  mm 429×543×896 412×481×912
Net weight kg 36 40
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