Fan coil thermostat
Mycond TRF-B2 white /black

The TRF-B2 thermostat by Mycond has a discreet classic design which features a large screen with backlighting and large font, as well as touch buttons with smart backlighting. All of this makes the thermostat easy to operate and to create your own climate
Fan coil thermostat <br/>Mycond TRF-B2 white /black

  • Touch control
  • Large display with blue backlighting and large font
  • Temperature adjustment within +5 °C to +35 °C
  • Programmable mode
  • Lockable control buttons
  • Fan control (3 speeds + Auto)
  • Valve control*
  • 3 work modes (ventilation, cooling or heating)


Additional modifications :

  • MODBUS for connection to a building management system or a smart home
  • Support of 2-pipe systems
  • Support of 4-pipe systems
  • Wi-Fi, wireless control by Mycond SmartApp on smartphone
  • 0-10 V for fan and 24 V operating voltage
  • 0-10 V for fan and 220 V operating voltage
  • 0-10 V for valve control


* 1 or 2 valves for a 2- or 4-pipe system respectively

Installation tips


Install the thermostat at about 1.2-1.5 m above the floor in a well-ventilated
area with moderate ambient temperature.


 Do not install in locations where the thermostat can be affected by:


  • Drafts or dead spots behind doors and in corners
  • Hot or cold air from ducts
  • Sunlight or radiant heat from appliances
  • Concealed pipes or chimneys
  • Unheated/uncooled areas such as an outside wall behind the thermostat
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