Heat recovery
ventilation units
MCFA series

The heat-recovery ventilation unit MYCOND MCFA is designed to provide the room with comfortable fresh air. The unit supplies fresh outdoor air into the room and provides air exchange to create a healthy environment with sufficient oxygen content, proper temperature and humidity levels along with near-zero contamination levels
Heat recovery<br/> ventilation units<br/> MCFA series

The unit is equipped with twin high-efficiency EC fans and high-efficiency counter-flow heat exchangers (with efficiency up to 95%). The unit features a master control panel and a remote LCD controller panel (available as an option). The G4 / F7 filter (available as an option) effectively prevents ingress of outdoor dust, keeping the indoor air fresh and clean.

250 ... 500 m3/h
Air flow rate:

The unit takes in fresh outdoor air and creates a healthy, oxygen-rich, near zero-pollutant living environment with a suitable temperature and humidity through air exchange. With a very convenient layout and quiet operation, this reliable and user-friendly system will suit both a house and an apartment.

Overall perfomance:


  • Fresh air supply (250 – 500 m3/h)
  • Extremely efficient heat exchange (up to 95%)
  • EC fans with adjustable air flow rate
  • Highly efficient air purification
  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Remote control


Feature set:

  • Automatic bypass function        
  • Defrosting function
  • Humidity adjustment
  • Modbus control
  • Remote control via Mycond app*
  • Air filtering and purification
  • Flexible installation



* Soon available as an option
**Sold separately


Clean air
High-efficiency air purification. G4 / F7 (optional) filters effectively prevent ingress of outdoor dust, pollen, and other particles to make the air fresh and clean. 


Very quiet
The lowest operating noise level down to 31 dB(A). 

Constant airflow EC fans
The unit is equipped with constant airflow EC fans. The EC fans can automatically adjust the airflow according to the set value regardless of different pipe lengths, presence of filter blocks, or any other pressure drop situations.

EPP structure
The internal structure is made of EPP, which is a lightweight, heat-preserving, silent, eco-friendly and odorless material. It has good air tightness and heat-insulating properties.

Versatile control functions
The controls include a main control, a commissioning control, and a remote LCD control panel (optional), enabling real time display, one-key operation, fault alarm, remote control and centralized control.


Enhanced energy saving


The unit is equipped with twin high-efficiency EC fans and high-efficiency counterflow heat exchangers (efficiency up to 95%). 



In summer, the heat recovery system saves electric power on air conditioning by returning part of the outdoor heat back outside.



In winter, part of the indoor heat is returned into the room, providing considerable savings on space and air heating.



The data are given for reference. Much depends on the indoor air humidity, outdoor humidity, heat insulation of the room, heat insulation and length of the air ducts, etc.

Specifications Units MCFA 250 MCFA 350 MCFA 500
Power supply V/Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Air flow rate


250 350 500
External static pressure Pa 130 150 160
Thermal efficiency at the rated air flow rate % 85 85 85
Max. thermal efficiency % 95 95 95
Rated capacity W 170 320 480
Noise level dB(A) 35 37 39
Energy efficiency class   A A A
Weight kg 40 40 50
Ventilation units MCFA 250 — MCFA 350

EA - exhaust air

OA - outdoor air

SA - supply air

RA - return air

Ventilation units MCFA 500

EA - exhaust air

OA - outdoor air

SA - supply air

RA - return air

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