Modular heat pump

The new generation of TECHNO MCU-YHA modular heat pumps provides round-year cooling and heating at outdoor air temperatures down to -20 °C. Thanks to the use of electronically switched fans (EC-fans) with smooth speed control and modern electronic valve control technology, in combination with well-chosen components, these pumps are ideal for technological process and facilities that need cooling in winter. MCU-YHA is a permanent and uninterrupted cold supplier for the whole year
Modular heat pump<br/> TECHNO MCU-YHА series

It is ideal for production processes, laboratories, medical facilities, datа centers and other facilities that require year-round cooling. Adjusting the output temperature of the coolant and the algorithm for accurate maintenance of the specified setpoint will ensure long and reliable operation of your equipment.

70 kW
Heating capacity:
66 kW
Cooling capacity:
Operation limits
Operation limits

The modular heat pump MCU-YHA is specifically designed for year-round cooling at outdoor air temperatures from -20 °C to 48 °C.

 Stepless adjustable EC fans
Stepless adjustable EC fans

The air heat exchanger fans are equipped with brushless EC motors. The motor speed is adjustable between 20% and 100% to safely provide the necessary condensing pressure.

Specifications Units MCU066YHA
Cooling capacity kW 66
Heating capacity kW 70
Capacity steps % 0/50/100
Power supply   380-415 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Electric power in the cooling mode






Electric power in the heating mode






Refrigerant type   R410A
Compressor type   Hermetic  scroll compressor
Number of compressors   2
Water flow rate m3/h 11,4
Water perssure drop kPa 45
Hydraulic connection   DN 65
Air heat exchanger type   Copper and aluminium
Fan type   Axial
Number of fans   2
Air flow rate m3/h 26000
Dimensions, LxWxH mm 2200x860x1980
Weight kg 620

1. Cooling capacity and electric power consumption during cooling operation refer to the rated water flow rate, outlet water temperature 7 °C and ambient air temperature 35 °C.
2. Heating capacity and electric power consumption during heating operation refer to the rated water flow rate, outlet water temperature 45 °C and ambient air temperature 7 °CDB.

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