Monoblock heat pumps BeeEco series

A highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution ideal for renovation projects
Monoblock heat pumps BeeEco series

BeeEco series heat pumps are quiet and compact. Comfortable heating and hot water supply according to a new efficiency standard.

up to 18,5 kW
Heating capacity:
up to 15,8 kW
Cooling capacity:

Appearance of the outdoor unit

The BeeEco series uses refrigerant R290 with a low global warming potential (GWP=3) and zero impact on the ozone layer (ODP=0). The equipment complies with the highest environmental standards and has an A+++ energy efficiency class even at medium temperature application (+55℃).

The BeeEco series is the optimal solution for renovation projects and heating systems that require a high supply temperature (up to +75℃).

High SCOP values are achieved due to the combination of reliable components and inverter control of all system elements:

  • compressor;
  • fan;
  • circulation pump.


The built-in components of the hydraulic circuit greatly simplify the installation and start-up of the equipment.

Touch control panel
Touch control panel

A simple and clear user interface is combined with extensive technical settings for service engineers.


Controller capabilities:

  • Operating modes "Heating" / "Underfloor heating" / "DHW" / "Cooling"
  • Weather compensation mode
  • Management of additional heat sources for heating and DHW
  • Control of additional circulation pumps and valves
  • "Quiet mode"
  • Possibility of cascade regulation by several heat pumps
  • Modbus
Remote control
Remote control

The Mycond application makes it very easy to control the heat pump and the entire system from a smartphone:


  • Switching modes
  • Setting temperature
  • error monitoring


You can connect many other devices or functions to the Mycond App and get a "smart home" in your smartphone:


  • fan coil management
  • room temperature control
  • motion sensors, cameras, switches 

Frame with tray for outdoor unit

  • Overall dimensions: 1200W x 500D x 440H (mm).
  • Installation width is adjustable from 580 to 1120 mm.
  • Color - RAL 7024
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • Tray with drainage hole.
  • Not supplied with an electric heating cable.

The Heat Pump Keymark certification is an internationally recognized quality mark that certifies that Mycond heat pumps meet the highest European and international standards for efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. This certification is based on independent tests and inspections that ensure that heat pumps with this quality mark meet the declared technical characteristics and are efficient in use. 
The Heat Pump Keymark was developed by the heat pump industry in 2015 but is owned by the CEN. The scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe.

Specifications Unit MHCM 06 SU1A MHCM 12 SU3A MHCM 18 SU3A
Heating capacity (A7/W35)     kW 6,3 12,2 18,5
Coefficient of performance COP (A7/W35)   4,9 4,8 4,8
Heating capacity min/max (A7/W35) kW 2,9-9,1 4,3-15,2 7,2-22,1
Maximum heating capacity (A-7/W35) kW 5,1 9,9 14,9
Coefficient of performance COP (A-7/W35)   3,6 3,5 3,6
Cooling capacity (A35/W7) kW 5,1 9,3 15,8
Energy efficiency ratio EER (A35/W7)           3,1 3,0 3,0
Operating ambient temperature (heating) -25…+45
Operating ambient temperature (cooling) +16…+45
Maximum flow temperature +75
Refrigerant type   R290
Power supply V/Hz 230 / 50 400 / 50
Sound power level dB(A) 48 50 55
Energy Efficiency Class        
-    Low temperature application (W35)   A+++
-    Medium temperature application (W55)   A+++


Appearance and dimensions of the MHCM 06 SU1A outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of the MHCM 12 SU3A outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of the MHCM 18 SU3A outdoor unit

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