Monoblock heat pumps
MBasic series

The new MBasic series impresses with numerous technical highlights. The monoblock design of the MBasic makes for quick and easy installation. It can be installed and operated near the living space, as it runs very quietly. These new outdoor units in their design are very easy on the eye. Using of ecological refrigerant R32 with low GWP makes MBasic series eco-friendly to our planet
 Monoblock heat pumps<br/>MBasic series

This compact monoblock air-to-water heat pump uses eco-friendly and cost-effective heat contained in the outside air.

up to 11,9 kW
Heating capacity:
up to 8,1 kW
Cooling capacity:

Appearance of the outdoor unit

The new high-efficiency heat pump up to 12 kW provides heating,  cooling and domestic hot water at an attractive price.
 The compact outdoor unit is very quiet and can be installed anywhere near the house. 
The water-filled lines can be connected to the outdoor unit by an installer without any special certification.
 Many of the components are pre assembled, and the accessories snap together easily and simply, which means the heat pump can be installed very quickly.

Monoblock type
Monoblock type

Perfect design includes all hydraulic components inside which means no third party components are required. Compact design allows for a small installation space and no need for any complicated installation like refrigerant piping work. You can easily enjoy the heating brought by MBasic.

Components Features

Full DC inverter
All moving components inside, including compressor, water pump and fan motor, are DC inverter type, that enhance the performance of the entire system, as well as balance the unit output and energy demand in a smart way.


High quality outdoor heat exchanger
Coated outdoor heat exchanger  can effectively prevent frost building up, which helps the system reduce the energy waste for defrosting by 10%.

Safety first
Spark-free electric components inside guarantees the safety of system all lifetime long.

Control intelligence
An experience and advanced control for compressor running speed which minimizes the noise level while well expand compressor lifetime.

Compatible with existing heating systems
Compatible with existing heating systems

When renovating your heating system, it is possible to add the heat pump as an additional heat source. 
In this case the existing heating system remains in place to cover peak loads when temperatures drop particularly low, 
while the heat pump covers the majority of demand. This significantly improves the system.



Quiet operation
Quiet operation

We take care of the lots of unique technology skills to deliver a quiet living space

Low noise components


  • low noise and high quality fan blade
  • DC inverter fan motor with rubber rotors, minimizes the noise emission
  • special anti-vibration fan motor supporter
  • compressor noise reduction chamber
  • noise insulation foam stick inside of the complete casing
User-friendly Touchscreen Interface
User-friendly Touchscreen Interface

With elegant design and simple icons, the MBasic operation panel provides users with a friendly experience along with interesting functions.


  • Friendly operation 
  • WiFi solution 
  • Heating curves
  • Dual temperature control
Remote control from smartphone
Remote control from smartphone

The Mycond application makes it very easy to control the heat pump and the entire system from a smartphone:


  • Switching modes
  • Setting temperature
  • error monitoring


You can connect many other devices or functions to the Mycond App and get a "smart home" in your smartphone:


  • fan coil management
  • room temperature control
  • motion sensors, cameras, switches 

Frame with tray for outdoor unit

  • Overall dimensions: 1200W x 500D x 440H (mm).
  • Installation width is adjustable from 580 to 1120 mm.
  • Color - RAL 7024
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • Tray with drainage hole.
  • Not supplied with an electric heating cable.

The Heat Pump Keymark certification is an internationally recognized quality mark that certifies that Mycond heat pumps meet the highest European and international standards for efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. This certification is based on independent tests and inspections that ensure that heat pumps with this quality mark meet the declared technical characteristics and are efficient in use. 
The Heat Pump Keymark was developed by the heat pump industry in 2015 but is owned by the CEN. The scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe.

Specifications Units MHM-U06HL MHM-U09HL MHM-U12HL
Heating capacity (А7/W35) kW 7,2 9,7 11,9
Coefficient of performance COP (A7/W35)   4,26 4,01 4,05
Heating capacity min/max (А7/W35) kW 3,3…7,2 5,0…9,7 5,9…11,9
Maximum heating capacity (А-7/W35) kW 3,6 5,7 6,8
Coefficient of performance COP (A-7/W35)   2,62 2,72 2,88
Maximum cooling capacity (A35/W7) kW 4,8 7,9 8,9
Energy efficiency ratio EER (A35/W7)   2,54 2,38 2,61
Operating ambient temperature  (heating) °C -25...+43 -25...+43 -25...+43
Operating ambient temperature (cooling) °C +8...+43 +8...+43 +8...+43
Maximum flow temperature °C 55 55 55
Refrigerant type   R32 R32 R32
Power supply V / Hz 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz
Sound power level (outdoor unit) dB(A) 50 56 56
Energy Efficiency Class        
– low temperature application (W35)   A+++ A+++ A+++
– medium temperature application (W55)   A++ A++ A++
Appearance and dimensions of the MHM-U06HL outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of the MHM-U06HL outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of the MHM-U09HL and MHM-U12HL outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of the MHM-U09HL and MHM-U12HL outdoor unit

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