Pool dehumidifier
MBA-G series

The dehumidifier is designed to maintain comfortable indoor environment. The dehumidifier will protect your house or private swimming pool, preventing condensation on the walls and damage of the furniture due to excess humidity
Pool dehumidifier<br/> MBA-G series

MBA-G series pool dehumidifiers absorbs clammy air and transfer it to warm and dry air, Mycond MBA-G dehumidifier can easily tackle problem that cause condensation and furniture corrosion. Moreover, it is a perfect partner of Mycond ventilation system and also capable of working independently on different residential occasions.

53 ... 103 l/day
Dehumidification capacity:
 Competitive advantages:

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Competitive advantages:
  • High efficiency. The dehumidifier capacity can be up to 3 l/hour at ambient air temperature of +30 °C and relative humidity of 80 %.
  • Extremely quiet operation. The dehumidifier circulates the air using a DC fan motor with its noise level as low as 46 dB, which means quiet operation.
  • Air heat exchanger with epoxy-coated fins. Аir heat exchanger of the dehumidifier is coated with special gold epoxy sputter for high corrosion resistance. This ensures longer service life of the unit even in very humid environments.


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  • Comfortable air temperature

The dehumidifier is improved with warm and comfortable air
outlet. To realize that, the unit is equipped with a hot water coil
heater which can connect your own heat source, such as a
heat pump.

  • Super silent running

Due to a new noise-reduce improvement and DC fan motor adopted for air circulating, the unit works silently at 44-46 dB(A) and the sound is even lower than a moderate rainfall.


  • Gold epoxy fin exchanger

We specially adopt gold epoxy fin heat exchanger for Heat Pump Dehumidifier which is featured with great anti-corrosion performance, ensuring the unit a long working life.

  • Ultra-slim body. Due to its compact design and ultra-slim body only 200 mm thick, the unit requires little space and will easily fit into any home.
  • Stylish appearance. The dehumidifiers are available in two styles. The customer can choose a body with either white or black glass panel.
Specifications Units MBA05G MBA07G MBA10G
Rated capacity l/h 2.2 3.0 4.3
Daily moisture removal l 53 72 103
Recommended pool area m2 42 60 83
Air flow rate m3/h 450 600 750
Noise level dB(A) 44 46 47
Rated voltage/frequency   220-240 VAC / 50 Hz 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz
Rated power consumption kW 0,93 1,14 1,73
Rated operating current A 4,1 5.0 7,5
Max. power consumption   1,02 1,25 1,9
Max. operating current   4,3 5,4 8,2
Relative humidity % RH 40-90 40-90 40-90
Operating temperature °C 10-36 10-36 10-36
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1288х200х678 1488х200х678 1488х200х678
Net weight kg See the rating plate / packing label
Refrigerant    R32
Condensate tube diameter mm 16 16 16



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