Split heat pumps BeeHeat series

A high-efficiency heat pump with capacity up to 16 kW for heating, cooling and DHW at an attractive price. Mycond BeeHeat will be a profitable investment for both new build and modernization projects, allowing to save costs on heating and DHW. Due to the reversible operation mode, this heat pump can also work in summer like a air conditioning for cooling, thus providing a pleasant climate in your home all year round
Split heat pumps BeeHeat series

New powerful and efficient heat pump at an attractive price. The outdoor unit is extremely compact even for the capacity size of 16,2 kW.

up to 16,2 kW
Heating capacity:
up to 14,0 kW
Cooling capacity:

Appearance of the outdoor unit 16.2kW

Compactness and efficiency - this is what modern heating technology looks like today.  Mycond BeeHeat is a split system: the heat pump consists of outdoor and indoor units.
The outdoor unit with a capacity of 16.2 kW (A7/W35) has extremely compact dimensions, which significantly simplifies installation.

Compatible with existing heating systems
Compatible with existing heating systems

When upgrading the heating system, a heat pump can be added as an additional heat source. In this case, the existing boiler operates only at particularly low outdoor temperatures, while the heat pump operates for the entire heating season. Such a heating system is more reliable and economical to operate.

Outdoor unit
Outdoor unit
  • Heating capacity 6,0/ 7,9 / 9,7 / 12,1 / 14,3 / 16,2kW (A7/W35)
  • Heating operation at outdoor temperature down to -25 °C
  • Cooling capacity  6,0/ 7,7 / 9,6 / 10,9 / 12,7 / 14,0kW (A35/W7)
  • Adjustable capacity thanks to the inverter compressor
  • Power saving variable speed fan
  • Low noise level of the outdoor unit
  • Coated evaporator with corrugated fins for higher efficiency
  • 4-way diverter valve
  • Electronic expansion valve (EEV)
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Ribbon heater, as frost protection for the outdoor unit condensate pan
Indoor unit
Indoor unit
  • Compact installation
  • Integrated heat exchanger (condenser) with frost protection
  • Integrated high efficiency circulation pump
  • Integrated electric heater
  • Integrated safety valve
  • Integrated pressure sensor
  • Integrated flow rate monitoring
  • Integrated expansion vessel 5l
  • Simple and easy-to-operate heat pump controller
Remote control from smartphone
Remote control from smartphone

Heat pumps use many solutions to ensure maximum user comfort. 
The Mobile App allows you to very easily control the heat pump and the entire system from your smartphone: 


  • change the heating/cooling mode
  • change the set temperature
  • set a work schedule
  • receive error messages


Remote control allows you to constantly view the operation of the device on your smartphone.

Main Functions:
Main Functions:

Heating Curve Function 


Using Heating Curve Logic,  users can set up the system to meet their optimum comfort levels based on the changing heat demand, insulation levels, etc.

Heat pump can adjust the outlet water temperatures based on the ambient temperature,  by continually monitoring and adjusting it in opposite directions with the current ambient temperature levels to ensure  the optimum in the living spaces.

Room Temperature Control Function


In addition to the water temperature control function, users can also choose to control  the heating water temperatures, by setting it on their controller pads based on the room temperature. 
In this mode heat pump will manage the outlet water temperature and work towards achieving and maintaining the set room temperature.

Auto Heat/Cool Switch-over Mode


BeeHeat has Automatic Heat/Cool Switch-over function to enable the user a truly unattended automatic operation of the system. 

Sleep Mode


In this mode BeeHeat heat pump adjust outlet water temperature or room temperature  to save energy and lowers the operation noise by reducing the working speed of the compressor and fan motor for optimum sleeping comfort.

Economical Operation


As the ambient temperature drops, the heating efficiency of heat pumps drops along. In some countries or regions, when ambient temperature drops to a certain level, usage of other heating sources,  like a gas boiler, may become more economical than the use of the heat pump.
BeeHeat unit allows the user to stop running the heat pump and turn on other heating sources, when the ambient temperature drops to a certain level.

Frame with tray for outdoor unit

  • Overall dimensions: 1200W x 500D x 440H (mm).
  • Installation width is adjustable from 580 to 1120 mm.
  • Color - RAL 7024
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • Tray with drainage hole.
  • Not supplied with an electric heating cable.
Specifications Units MHS-N6BH






Heating capacity (А7/W35)

Coefficient of performance COP (А7/W35)















Heating capacity min/max (А7/W35) kW 2,8-7,1 3,4-8,9 3,6-10,2 5,6-14,0 5,9-15,0 6,5-16,5
Maximum heating capacity (А-7/W35) kW 4,9 6,8 8,3 10,3 12,3 13,5
Coefficient of performance COP (А-7/W35)   2,94 3,05 3,1 2,7 2,7 2,6
Maximum cooling capacity (A35/W7) kW 6,0 7,7 9,6 10,9 12,7 14,0
Energy efficiency ratio EER (A35/W7)   2,94 2,78 2,94 2,66 2,55 2,45
Operating ambient temperature (heating) °C -25…+43 -25…+43 -25…+43 -25…+43 -25…+43 -25…+43
Operating ambient temperature (cooling) °C +8…+43 +8…+43 +8…+43 +8…+43 +8…+43 +8…+43
Maximum flow temperature °C +60 +60 +60 +60 +60 +60
Refrigerant type   R32 R32 R32 R32 R32 R32
Power supply V / Hz 230/50 230/50 230/50 400/50 400/50 400/50
Sound power level (indoor/outdoor unit) dB(A) 42/58 42/59 42/60 42/64 42/65 42/68
Energy Efficiency Class              
– low temperature application (W35)   A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++
– medium temperature application (W55)   A++ A++ A++ A++ A++ A++


Indoor unit dimensions, refrigerant & water piping connections MHS-N6BH, MHS-N8BH, MHS-N10BH, MHS-N12BH, MHS-N14BH, MHS-N16BH




Appearance and dimensions of MHS-U6BH, MHS-U8BH outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of MHS-U10BH і MHS-U12BH outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of MHS-U14BH і MHS-U16BH outdoor unit


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