Split heat pumps
BeeSmart series

An ideal solution for environmentally responsible, low cost heating and cooling. With energy ratings of A+++, our BeeSmart heat pump provides cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. It is also extremely quiet. Using of ecological refrigerant R32 with low GWP makes Smart series eco-friendly to our planet
Split heat pumps<br/> BeeSmart series

The heat pump BeeSmart utilizes the free heat contained in the ambient air as efficiently as possible to make your house comfortable both in winter and in summer. With the multi-functional touch screen controller, the entire system is incredibly simple and easy to operate.

up to 18,5 kW
Heating capacity:
up to 15,8 kW
Cooling capacity:

The upgraded heat pump of BeeSmart series in split design with heating capacity 9,2 / 11,6 / 15,3 / 18,5kW (A7/W35) for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

The heat pump controller with a touch screen ensures weather-dependent heating/cooling operation of the entire system based on the outdoor air temperature, comfortable hot water supply, as well as control over an auxiliary heat source. With the support of remote control via the smartphone, the entire system is extremely easy and convenient to operate.

Mycond BeeSmart has been developed with the idea in mind for maximum possible  energy savings through its ultra high SCOP rating, as well as its availability to combine  various heating equipment, for continually optimizing the energy consumption of the whole system.  

Sophisticated control logic creatively manages the entire system and allows the integration with other common control systems to satisfy the complex demands of various applications, for highly efficient operation while minimizing the power consumption.

Outdoor unit
  • Heating capacity 9,2 / 11,6 / 15,3 / 18,5kW (A7/W35)
  • Heating operation at outdoor temperature down to -25 °C
  • Cooling capacity  7,2 / 8,3 / 13,0 / 15,8kW (A35/W7)
  • Adjustable capacity thanks to the inverter compressor Mitsubishi
  • Power saving variable speed fan
  • Low noise level of the outdoor unit
  • Coated evaporator with corrugated fins for higher efficiency
  • 4-way diverter valve
  • Electronic expansion valve (EEV)
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Ribbon heater, as frost protection for the outdoor unit condensate pan
Indoor unit
  • Integrated plate heat exchanger
  • Integrated diverter valve "Heating/DHW heating"
  • Integrated high efficiency circulation pump with inverter control
  • Integrated 6 kW electric heater
  • Integrated safety valve and pressure gauge
  • Integrated flow rate monitoring
  • Weather-compensated heat pump control unit with  a color touch screen
  • Wall mounting bracket
Control system
Control system

With a 4.3" touch screen operation panel, EcoTouch can combine various heating equipment,  to optimize the energy consumption of the entire system as a whole.

Its sophisticated control logic smartly manages the system components and allows the integration with other common control systems to satisfy the complex demands of various applications, for highly efficient operation while  minimizing the power consumption.

Additionally, with the Wi-Fi module, it can work remotely with Mycond App via smartphone. 

Main Functions:
Main Functions:

Heating Curve Function 

Using Smart’s proprietary Heating Curve Logic, users can set up the system to meet their optimum comfort levels based on the changing heat demand, insulation levels, etc.

BeeSmart system can adjust the outlet  water temperatures based on the ambient temperature, by continually monitoring and adjusting  it in opposite direction with the current ambient temperature levels to ensure the optimum in the living spaces.

Room Temperature Control Function


In addition to the water temperature control function, users can also choose to control the heating water temperatures, by  setting it on their controller pads based on the room temperature.

In this mode heat pump will manage the outlet water temperature and work towards achieving and maintaining the set room temperature.

Controlling two independent heating circuits with a mixing valves


Different heating systems require differing levels of water temperatures, such as the case with  floor heating systems and radiator heating systems. BeeSmart system provides the users with the ability to set up two separate heat curve programs, for different water temperatures.
A low temperature curve for floor heating and a high temperature curve for the radiators.  When high temperature water is required, BeeSmart runs a high-heat-demanding curve.  

When high temperature water is no longer needed or after it is reached, the unit automatically switches  to low-heat-demanding curve operation with lower water set temperatures for a more economical and energy-saving operation.  

Auto Heat/Cool Switch-over Mode


BeeSmart unit have Automatic Heat/Cool Switch-over function to enable the  user a truly unattended automatic operation of the system. Users can choose to set this mode  to function based on the ambient temperature, room temperature or a signal input from other external devices.

Sleep Mode


In this mode BeeSmart system adjust outlet water temperature or room temperature  to save energy and lowers the operation noise by reducing the working speed of the compressor and fan motor for optimum sleeping comfort.

Power Consumption Peak-Evading Function 


In some countries or regions power companies encourage people to use less power  at peak time by adjusting their pricing for consumed power based on the certain times of the  day, called the peak timing.

BeeSmart system has the ability to receive the related signals from the power company and adjust its operation or even or and adjust or even stop its operation upon receiving the signal. 
When this function is activated, the user can set up the operation of the water pump and the control signal to other  heating sources, like gas boilers. This function is an excellent tool for maximized energy savings.

Economical Operation


As the ambient temperature drops, the heating efficiency of heat pumps drops along.  In some countries or regions, when ambient temperature drops to a certain level, usage of other heating sources,  like a gas boiler, may become more economical than the use of the heat pump.

BeeSmart unit allows the user to stop running the heat pump and turn on other heating sources, when the ambient 
temperature drops to a certain level.

Optimized Domestic Hot Water Mode


Domestic Hot Water Mode should have the top priority in any heating system (if it is included).  BeeSmart offers an enhanced 2-step sanitary water production logic, that allows the users to  better satisfy the heating requirements, while sanitary hot water is also tenable. Users can choose to run the system for  high temperature sanitary hot water when the heating load is low and for medium temperature sanitary hot water when heating load is high.

Vacation Mode


Built-in Vacation Mode allows the users to set the system to operate under minimized vacation settings between the programmed starting and ending time of their vacation periods. In this mode BeeSmart works to maintain  the minimal required temperatures to save the maximum amount of energy.

System will switch back to normal mode at the ending time of vacation mode properly, so that the users  will be welcomed with proper heating temperature and domestic hot water upon returning from their vacations.

Unit Working Status Display


Installer and the user can view the real-time operation status of the unit, like working voltage/current, water flow,  unit capacity, COP, temperatures readings, system high and low pressures, etc. 

Easy Integration of external appliances


Mycond BeeSmart system allows the connection of other external appliances.  The control system is integrated with standard Modbus, which can react to 0-10V signals from other appliances.




Software Update


BeeSmart unit is equipped with a USB port for any future software updates and improvements.

Frame with tray for outdoor unit

  • Overall dimensions: 1200W x 500D x 440H (mm).
  • Installation width is adjustable from 580 to 1120 mm.
  • Color - RAL 7024
  • Height adjustable feet.
  • Tray with drainage hole.
  • Not supplied with an electric heating cable.


The Heat Pump Keymark certification is an internationally recognized quality mark that certifies that Mycond heat pumps meet the highest European and international standards for efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. This certification is based on independent tests and inspections that ensure that heat pumps with this quality mark meet the declared technical characteristics and are efficient in use. 
The Heat Pump Keymark was developed by the heat pump industry in 2015 but is owned by the CEN. The scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe.

Specifications Units MHCS 035 NBS
Heating capacity (А7/W35) kW 9,2 11,6 15,35 18,5
Coefficient of performance COP (А7/W35)   4,38 4,3 4,78 4,47
Heating capacity min/max (А7/W35) kW 4,3...9,2 5,5...11,6 6,0...15,35 9,2...18,5
Maximum heating capacity (А-7/W35) kW 5,7 7,65 10,5 12,6
Coefficient of performance COP (А-7/W35)   2,97 2,99 3,27 3,12
Maximum cooling capacity (A35/W7) kW 7,2 8,3 13,0 15,8
EER (A35/W7)   2,8 2,9 2,96 2,85
Operating ambient temperature  (heating) °C -25...+43 -25...+43 -25...+43 -25...+43
Operating ambient temperature  (cooling) °C +8...+45 +8...+45 +8...+45 +8...+45
Maximum flow temperature °C +55 +55 +55 +55
Refrigerant type   R32 R32 R32 R32
Power supply V / Hz 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz 400V / 50Hz 400V / 50Hz
Sound power level (indoor/outdoor unit) dB(A) 44/52 44/52 44/59 44/61
Energy Efficiency Class          
– low temperature application (W35)   A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++
– medium temperature application (W55)   A++ A++ A++ A++
Appearance and dimensions of MHCS 035 NBS, MHCS 045 NBS, MHCS 050 NBS, MHCS 070 NBS indoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of MHCS 035 UBS, MHCS 045 outdoor unit
Appearance and dimensions of MHCS 050 UBS, MHCS 070 UBS outdoor unit




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