Thermostatic radiator head Mycond TRV-100

Mycond TRV-100 is a remote-controlled thermostatic radiator head, enabling both manual or programmable (schedule-based) indoor temperature control. The unit measures the temperature to automatically adjust the heat level. The thermostatic head comes with adapters allowing combination with the most popular valves available in the market, such as RA, RAV, RAVL, Comap, T+A, and Herz
Thermostatic radiator head Mycond TRV-100

Advantages :
  • Large informative display
  • Contemporary look
  • The use of Zigbee relieves the router while avoiding unnecessary interference with other equipment
  • Long-term operation with a swappable power supply ( 2 x AA-batteries )
  • Remote heating control
  • Supports smart scenarios
  • Versatile application with various radiator valves

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