Wall-mounted humidistat Mycond Link

Versatile solution to multiple problems Wall-mounted humidistat Mycond Link can be used to control a humidifier or dehumidifier
Wall-mounted humidistat Mycond Link

Comfort solutions:
Mycond Link is a unit that ensures a comfortable climate in your room by controlling the air humidity level. With its modern appearance and advanced capabilities, the unit is an ideal choice for any room.
Easy to operate:
The humidistat is easy and convenient to operate thanks to a large display and intuitive buttons. Whether you are technology-savvy or not, you can easily set all the necessary parameters to create a comfortable environment in your room.
Wi-Fi connection:
With an integrated Wi-Fi module, you can control the humidistat from anywhere in the world via Mycond SmartApp on your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to control the air humidity even when you are outdoors. Humidistat Mycond Link supports integration with Mycond SmartApp. 
Adaptive capabilities:
The humidistat can automatically respond to changes in air humidity and adjust the operation of ventilation systems, coolers or heaters so as to ensure optimum conditions in the room.
Flexible control:
The humidistat supports either AC or BLDC fan control via 0-10 V output, which makes the unit an ideal choice for any ventilation system.




Wide range of various configurations that allow controlling auxiliary heating or cooling units.
There are 6 operation modes to choose from: 

  1. Dehumidification
  2. Dehumidification + cooling
  3. Dehumidification + heating 
  4. Humidification + cooling
  5. Humidification + heating
  6. Humidification

*0-10 V fan output can be configured as an option. 

Elegant appearance

The unit stands out from the competitors with its neat and stylish appearance. A large dark touch screen is perfectly combined with large buttons in a single body. 


Building management system (BMS)
Building management system (BMS)

An integrated MODBUS controller allows connecting to a building management system or a smart home. 

Name Mycond Link
Model MC-LK-B
Dimension 87x87x35
Input Voltage 220VAC 50 Hz
Resistive Load
Inductive Load
Operation Ambient -10-55 С
Control Range 5 — 35 С
Control Accuracy 0,5 С
Protection Level IP 20
Application Dehumidification / Humidification
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