Modular heat pump
EVI MCU-YHE series

The low-temperature version of a modular heat pump from Mycond. This series of heat pumps uses compressors from the world famous manufacturer Copeland "Emerson" with intermediate refrigerant injection using EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology. Using this technology with a high-level control system allows the heat pump to reabily and effortlessly maintain a high temperature of coolant even in the coldest days of the season. Possibility of continuous operation at ambient temperatures down to -26°C. Using the heat pumps of EVI-series provides year-round and uninterrupted heat/cold supply for any of your facilities
Modular heat pump<br/> EVI MCU-YHE series
High stability

Employs an efficient EVI technology for improved stability of cooling and heating operation.

78-175 kW
Heating capacity:
70-150 kW
Cooling capacity:
Optimized heating
Optimized heating

Enhanced vapour injection (EVI) increases the refrigerant flow rate and pressure, which means higher heat output and water temperature on the user’s side. At the same time, the increased refrigerant circulation rate results in 20% higher heat output at low temperatures. Heating operation is possible at ambient temperatures down to -26 °C.

 Cooling innovations
Cooling innovations

During cooling operation at an ambient temperature of 45...55°C, cold refrigerant in the vapor state is injected into the compressor, thereby reducing the discharge temperature and facilitating the compressor's working conditions. With  EVI technology the main liquid refrigerant flow in  the economizer circuit is additionally subcooled, which increases the cooling efficiency of the entire chiller up to 20%.


 Operable at -25 °C
Operable at -25 °C

The heat pump equipped with an EVI compressor ensures efficient heating at outdoor air temperatures down to -25 °C. This also greatly improves the heat pump performance, as the pump produces more heat with less power consumption.

 Special design
Special design

Compared to conventional modular units, the effective area has increased by 30 % for the air heat exchanger and 15 % for the water heat exchanger, resulting in 10 % more rated cooling capacity and 16 % more rated heating capacity. At outdoor temperature above 0 °C, the outlet water temperature in the heating mode is as high as 55 °C.

Operation limits
Operation limits

Thanks to many years of experience in the development and design of refrigeration equipment, the company has successfully implemented the EVI technology that allows to work in a heat  mode even in the most severe winter down to -26 degrees.

Specifications Units MCU066YHE MCU140YHE
Cooling capacity kW 70 150
Heating capacity kW 78 175
Capacity steps % 0/50/100 0/50/100
Power supply   380-415 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz 380-415 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Electric power in the cooling mode








Electric power in the heating mode








Refrigerant type   R410A R410A
Compressor type   Hermetic EVI scroll compressor Hermetic EVI scroll compressor
Number of compressors   2 2
Water flow rate m3/h 12 25,8
Water perssure drop kPa 50 62
Hydraulic connection   DN 65 DN 65
Air heat exchanger type   Copper and aluminium Copper and aluminium
Fan type   Axial Low noise axial fan with BLDC motor
Number of fans   2 2

Air flow rate

Maximum temperature in heating mode

Operating range in heating mode

Operating range in cooling mode













Dimensions, LxWxH mm 2200x860x2135 2250x1150x2255
Weight kg 665 940

1. Cooling capacity and electric power consumption during cooling operation refer to the rated water flow rate, outlet water temperature 7 °C and ambient air temperature 35 °C.
2. Heating capacity and electric power consumption during heating operation refer to the rated water flow rate, outlet water temperature 45 °C and ambient air temperature 7 °CDB.

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